More front work

So I went ahead and installed both seats. I’ll keep these to go ahead and get me through inspection and such, but they will not be around long. They dont match the personality of the car and they dont look good. And I will never like the idea that both shoulder wings are bent at different angles.

I added a sticker I bought a long time ago to the windshield.

Installed my Tangent lights in the oil cooler scoop. I bought the manufacturers prototype set, as it was all he had left when he was going out of business. Remember I installed all LED’s a little while back. Later on, I’ll rewire the blue lamps to come on with the ignition like a set of DRL’s. Now, the blue and white Tangent lights are tied together and are selectable with the headlights on.

And here’s a few shots of how the lights look.

Last, I installed the Mike Everson / ReplicaParts inner radiator scoop liner and a Speedway nomex / honeycomb radiator protection. All went it very well. I may paint the aluminum the same color as my stripes a little later.