Scoops and Pipes

Also in the nose section is a set of plastic scoop adapters that mount behind the brake cooling holes. These adapters adapt down to a 3″ round exit. I cut and sanded the scoops to fit…

…and then used some aggressive sealant / adhesive to bond them in place. Used an old F5 Forum trick to hole them in place… a couple of yardsticks and some thread-all with nuts.

Once they were dried and solidly in place, I installed and secured the SCAT hoses feeding the footbox fans. These things will move some serious air… probably more than I need. 🙂

Got to wqork on the pipes. I really cant run it at all right now because I am in the suburbs and the open headers are not terribly friendly. No big deal, went well. Used stainless bolts, washers, lockwashers and nuts with some anti-seize. Pipes look amazingly straight and level. Surprising…

drivers side… this may need a small wedge to tuck the tip in some.
Passenger pipe. Level and tucked nicely. No wedges needed, but did have to do some sanding on the body opening to clear the inside of the pipes.
Front lights, front bumpers, sidepipes… getting there!!

Thanks for staying with me.