Well. Its been almost 2.5 months since I posted in here. Why? Because I have nothing to tell you. I’m waiting on the bodywork and painting to be done before I take the go cart to Whitby’s to have the body installed. They told me 6-9 months, and this Thursday, Oct 25, will be 9 months.  They have yet to reach out to contact me even once. They dont return calls or emails, but do answer FB Messengers. Every time I ask about time frames, they go silent.

I was at a car show about 2 weeks ago. An F5 friend showed up with his car. The bodywork and paint were done by Whitby’s, same way mine is being done. He told me his took 16 months. Which means I’m halfway there. If that 16 months applies to me, I’ll get to drive down in June of 2019. Maybe have the car ready for next fall.

It’s taken so long, the excitement of being able to drive this machine has worn off. Its become just another project to finish up, like building a deck or repairing a fence.  There will be no fanfare, no grand rollout… just a job to finish. I havent even visited it in weeks… not to look at it or think about what it will be like.  Its just something to walk around when I go looking for a tape measure for that fence…

I’ll post back when there’s something worthy of posting… perhaps next year. Until then, thanks for reading, stay safe and be sure to love your pets every day.