The interior is 99% finished

Lots of little items got wrapped up today…. carpet, seats, belts, reinstalling all the interior panels… I think it looks good. Custom without being brash, clean, I fit and I feel comfortable. I feel good that I’ve done a good job, although there are a few things I would change were I to do it again. Anyways, here’s some pics. Hope you like it…

Notice I removed the Kirkey and RCI name tags from the seats and the belts. I much prefer this clean look and I’m not into tossing names around like a boy-racer. Only label you’ll see on my car is Factory 5 and maybe something to do with the 427 😉

More adjustment details…

I had set the driveshaft alignment earlier in the build, but I never felt very good about it and wanted to revisit this. So I spent some time researching last night and I got it. What I’m looking for is to have the rear 1* below parallel with the transmission. I also need the 2 ujoints to be within 1* or less of each other, and no ujoint to be over 3* itself.

It tooka few hours, but I got the rear axle pointing down 1.1* from the trans, with the front ujoint at .2* and the aft ujoint at .7*. Not perfect, but right there. It’ll work. All this required lifting the rear of the trans 1-1/8 inch with a spacer.

Thats done. I installed the Metco driveshaft safety loop thats been in the garage for about a year. Nice piece, and I believe it will stop the bad stuff from hurting, should the front ujoint decide to fail.

From above….
…and from below.

I checked the rear axle cover bolts due to a little drip that had developed, found they were barely hand-tight. Torqued em down to 25 ft/lbs and good to go.

Did some interior carpeting work, but didnt get to finish. Complete pics tomorrow, but here’s a teaser…

Hope everyone’s enjoying spring!!