Small updates

Since the go-cart has been sitting for so long, my thoughts have been wandering and there’s a few things that have bugged me a bit. Figured I’d take this time to fix those things while I’m waiting for Whitby’s.

Bought a 12″ marine stainless steel grab bar from West Marine in Annapolis. Cost less than $25. I like that it takes up some of that blank real estate on the right side of the dash, and gives the passenger some reassurance… even tho they wont need the bar with the belts and seat, but maybe it will keep their arms from flailing about. 🙂

The camera angle makes it look un-level… I promise it’s not. Installed with 5/16″ stainless hardware and a 1/8 x 1 x 12 aluminum bar behind the dash to reinforce. Its nice n strong.

Also made a 3.25″ plate and drilled 3ea 5/8″ holes in it. Gave it a first coat of paint till tomorrow. Anyone thats ever worked with the triple hydraulic reservoirs should know what it is… I’ll finish and show ya tomorrow.