Continuing to drive the Boss 427 and stretching her legs, getting farther and farther from home. Did a 50 mile loop from my house to the Annapolis Docks, stopped at a local place for lunch with a friend, then back home. No surprises from this trip, so she’s doing really well.

A few small items I’ve had: When I was driving a few days ago, I noticed a high freq rattle that happened when I was accelerating. Later it got worse and was really rattling when I hit a bump. Got home, did some investigating, found 2 roll bar bolts that were loose. Tightened em up and no more issue.

My seatbelt buckle was rattling, found the camlock knob was coming loose. tightened up, no problem.

When I got my first full tank of gas, the next morning, I had some fuel on the floor. Chased it down to a loose lockring on the tank for the level sender. Knocked it a bit tightwer and seems to be OK.

Thats all I’ve come up with so far. She continues to amaze me.

Thanks for reading…

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