Front Bumpers

Now all the front lights are in and working, time to install the front bumpers. I bought the units from Finishline. Turns out they have a little different mounting method than the ones from F5. The Finishline pieces use a welded in nut, where the F5 piece has a bracket. The difference is you can mount the F5 at an angle, but the Finishlines will not.

Finishline bumpers

The Finishlines use a 3/8-16 thread. I’m also using their front body grommets, which have a 3/4″ hole. So I used McMaster Carr and got some 3/4″od, 1/2″id aluminum tubes with some 3/8id x 1/2″od nylon bushings. Stuck the bushings into the tubes and then the 3/8″ threaded rods fit right in there. Works nice.

front bumpers and lights installed. They look uneven, but believe me, they are just about perfect.

This is where some would disagree with what I’ve done. They like the bumpers to angle down and back to match the angle of the nose grill opening. This really does not bother me, and I actually thing they would look add if they were angles that much. Onward..

This is how she’s looking as of 8/25.