More sheetmetal

Still working on the Boss. But the things I’m doing aren’t very glamorous or even photogenic,

I’ve installed the rear splash guards in the 2 front wheel wells. Required a lot of trimming and test fitting. Got em pretty good, but not perfect.

Also installed the aluminum trim under the doors, inside the car. This fills the space between the frame and the body and creates the door sill. It will be carpeted soon.

I’ve oredered some truck bedliner (Herculiner) to cover the front and rear wheel well splash guards and the tops of the wheel wells… the exposed fiberglass body inside. This should keep down on the pinging noise of rocks and stones as well as prevent stars in the paint from inside impacts. Don’t actually know if it will happen, but the guys on the forum say its a good idea. And I really dont want to damage this paint.

Also ordered some Breeze 1/2″ sidepipe spacers to align the sidepipes, some steel wool to mix with vinegar to make Vinegaroon for my now-tan door straps.

Oh, and I ordered new seats!

Ok, more later. And maybe some pics next time.