Cooling system

Worked on installing the radiator and hoses.

Factory 5 normally has you bolting the upper radiator to the frame, then the lower section is supported after the body goes on. I felt I needed something a little different. Another shopping trip to Breeze and I got upper and lower radiator mounts as well as some very cool upper and lower hoses. Also got a full coverage aluminum fan shroud.

When my brother was in town and we installed the engine a few weeks ago, he also started on the cooling system by mounting the fan to the shroud. That made my work shorter when I mounted the whole thing to the radiator. Then the upper and lower mounts are installed and voila… radiator is in.

Installed the upper and lower hoses. These are just plain cool. They are computer bent and beaded steel tubes, then powdercoated with silver ceramic inside and out. A short length of hose connects at each end.