small successes…

It’s been a while since my last update. A big item I’ve worked on has been the interior lighting. Factory 5 supplies a small 1 foot led strip light. If you want to split it up and use it in several places, you can cut it and solder on some new wires. Soooooo… that plan didnt work. I’m pretty good with soldering, but I could not for the life of me make those cut strip lights work. I had also planned on adding more lights.

So I went to and did some searching. I bought 2 wired mini switches that were rated at 10 amps ($.95 each), 4 of the 6-led pod lights that self stick ($4.95 each) and a 40″ long led strip light that’s sealed ($18). Cool stuff.

Wired up the 2 footwells with 2 of the pods, using the headlight switch courtesy light function to control.

I then ran power wires from the same fuse to the Breeze Glovebox (remember my glovebox is behind the seats with a door in between) and the trunk. I wired in the mini switches with 2 light pods in the glovebox…

and the light strip in the trunk.

I know you can see the reflection of the individual leds in the trunk, but once the carpet goes in, you wont see that anymore.

Took a while to work out the wire routing and make it work, but I’m happy with the end result. It really looks better in person.