Power Steering and Fuel Control

Once I got the radiator installed, I was able to make and run my power steering hoses. They are in and tight, and I dont think they’ll leak, but I’m not crazy about the routing. I may need to get some new fittings, perhaps some more hose and do it over. I just dont like the big loops and it looks like a figure-8. Have to think about this one.

Got some new hardware from the ACE down the street and bolted my FiTech fuel control on the intake manifold. Nothing big there, but it’s lookin pretty cool. I like this system because it’s very self-learning and doesn’t require complicated laptop skills and expensive custom tunes to run well. It does have a small screened interface, but its just to setup some simple parameters for starting and to monitor. Once you start it and start driving, the self-learning and self-tuning take over.

I chose to install a custom footbox fan system. This will consist of a switch and a push-pull cable for each person. The cable will open and close a 3″ butterfly valve and the switch on the dash will control a 3″ marine bilge fan. The fans are ducted with aircraft CEET tubing from the brake cooling inlets in the front end to the footboxes.

Many folks on the forums have said it’s not necessary, but I dont want to have a lot of heat there and have to do this mod later. It didnt cost too much and if I never use it, its no big deal. But I cannot imagine being out on those hot summer Maryland 95° – 100° days and not enjoy some moving air in the footboxes. Note the cables are not installed yet.

Passenger system:

Drivers system:


So thats how the Boss 427 sits right now. I’m working on whatever is required to be able to start the engine in about 3 weeks. Gauges, more wiring, fuel lines, etc.

Thanks for staying with me…