Details, details…

Once again, it feels like I’m out there for hours and hours and not much gets done. Some of this work is slow going.. Also, while striving for perfection, my frustration levels rise when it doesn’t come out exactly right.

So I finally got the front & rear brake crossover lines done. The front one I did in the previous post had a wonky bend in it, and it bugged me to no end for several days. So I cut it off and remade the end with a line splice. Much nicer now. The rear line went very easily and is clamped to the underside of the triangle brace.

Working with the front brake lines, i bent and secured the line from the master cylinder to the front left brake. This is where the T is that splits the brake pressure off to both sides. Also installed the hoses for the brake and clutch reservoirs and got them clamped off. You can see the hard line in the top of this pic.

Also started bending up some of the 3/8 fuel lines. Got the pressure line from the filter to the engine compartment and ran the return from the engine compartment back to the end of the frame.

Of course, the ends in the engine compartment sticking up in the air are not final. I’ll get those cut to length after I get the engine and check clearances and access. These will be attached to stainless flex hoses going to the fuel injection.

So it seems like not much has been done, but I probably have something like 10 hours in bending and flaring brake and fuel lines, with still more to go. Slow, not very glamorous work, but it still has to be done.

Found out this weekend that it will take 3 weeks for Ford to build my engine after I order it, then maybe another week to deliver. I’ll be traveling for work extensively in April, so I’ll have to wait to order it. If you’re interested, here’s a teaser… Ford 427W

See yall later… and once again, thanks for following.