Devil’s in the Details…

Hi everyone!!

Been doing some things that aren’t very glamorous and take a good bit of time. Got my steering shaft installed…

…and spent about 4 hours installing a sound and heat barrier in the passenger footwell and floor. This will make the car have a more solid sound and protect the passengers feet from the exhaust headers, which will only about 8″ away.

Installed the flexible brake lines at all 4 wheels,

and today installed the brake line connecting the 2 front brakes.

Like I said, not a lot done but all these details take time.

I’m still a happy man…

Few things have happened

I have fixed a small coolant leak at the heater select valve, and replaced the power steering pump with a unit that is setup and dyno’d for flow and pressure to match the Fox Mustang steering rack. Also has a reservoir mounted right to the side of the pump for excellent fluid supply.



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