Welcome to Spring!

Been on vacation this last week, so haven’t gotten much done. Soon as I got home, tho… time to get to work.

First off, welcome to the first day of Spring! Trinket certainly enjoyed the day… and no, she’s not dead. She loves to sleep in the warm sunshine.

Spent some serious time getting the brake pedal rigging accomplished. The single pedal actuates 2 master cylinders, one for front and one for rear brakes. They are different sizes, so the brake system has a method for setting the bias on the brakes… which one applies harder or slower so all tires tend to lock at the same time. Anyways, my master cylinders were bottomed out before any adjustments could be made, keeping everything under tension and not acting right at all. I cut 3/8″ off the end of each master cylinder and it all fell into place. Set the bias in the center for now (that will be adjusted when I start driving) and got the pistons in the master cylinders set right where they should be. The pedal has about 1/16″ of play. Perfect.

Next was the clutch pedal. It was sitting about 1.5″ higher than the brake pedal with the master cylinder screwed all the way in… no good. So guess what I did… yep! Cut about 3/8″ off the end of that master cylinder, too. The clutch pedal is now easily adjustable to the brake pedal height and was able to set the clutch safety switch. Did have to grind a bit on the pedal to clear some structure, but this is a known item on these cars. Pedals are good!

Decided to start installing and fastening down some aluminum. If you recall some earlier pictures, the aluminum interior was all installed, by only by a few screws and not precisely. I installed some of the footboxes, but have to wait on my powdercoater for the other pieces… still. However, I was able to fit, trim, drill and install the passenger and driver floors and begin building the cockpit. There’s a lot of pieces that all have to overlap just right and fit together, then they all get drilled, silicone applied and riveted together.

Probably spent about 6 hours on the aluminum today. The back wall is still just temporarily installed because there’s some trunk aluminum that has to go in first. But the back wall is fitted and drilled, just held in place with clecos (spring loaded pins used to hold sheetmetal together during assembly).

Is it starting to look like a car yet?