I got the aluminum back!

Finally! It took a month and I finally got my aluminum sheets back. All a nice grey with just a little bit of texture. Good stuff.

First thing I did was install the front suspension panels (also called ‘F’ panels) and built the passenger footbox. You’ll notice some of the panels are black… I painted these as once the body is on, these will not be seen.

Then I commenced to building the front suspension. I installed the upper control arms, Koni coil over shocks and the wheel bearing / spindles. I replaced the stock ball joints with hi performance parts from Howe Racing.

Then I built up the front 12.8″ Wilwood brakes. The calipers centered up very nicely.

Of course, this required a front wheel-to-brake interference check.

Is it looking like a car yet? Can ya start to see what I see?

By then it was getting cold and I dont have any heat in the garage. I’ll have to fix that by next winter. Put away the tools, cleaned up and put BOSS 427 to bed.

This is really starting to move now, considering I’m working on my own and still have to keep the job happy…

Thanks for visiting.