more scattered work

I’m going to start updating this page once per week.

This week, I got a call from the powdercoater. He said the grey hammer powder I wanted was no longer available and couldn’t get any more. Stopped in and picked out a regular grey. Also picked up my steel parts that had been done in gloss black.

Before & After:

Since I got those back, I was able to start building the pedal box. This holds the master cylinders for the brakes and clutch as well as a place to hang the pedals.  I’m using a Forte hydraulic clutch system instead of the stock cable and also upgraded the throttle pedal to a Russ Thompson unit. The pedal box, pedals and all master cylinders are from Wilwood, as are the brakes at the wheels.

Looks like a real Flintstone car, doesn’t it.

Also went ahead and installed the front lower control arms. I upgraded all the ball joints to Howe Racing parts, and they are so smooth. Also rebuildable and very close tolerance. Just real nice parts. Using Energy Suspension polyurethane boots that should last almost forever.

Wont be doing much next week. Hopefully will get my aluminum done soon so I can really get to it.

I received the last of my backordered parts this week, last item being the wiring harness from Ron Francis. Can’t wait to get my hands into that and start doing some modifications.