Busy day, but not much done.

Spent a cold day out in the garage today, working on The Boss. First up was installing a front battery tray. This moves the battery from a high and difficult access in the trunk to low and easy in the engine compartment. This kit is made by Breeze and is just as nice as the other Breeze stuff I’ve bought. All stainless and fit better than they said it should.

Also fitted one of the Breeze roll bars that I got and compared to the Factory 5 roll bar. The Breeze is Stainless where the F5 is Powder coated black. The Breeze is also shorter, laid back some and uses thicker material. I think I will be staying with the Stainless bars and get them polished up. They will look great with the polished stainless side pipes I’ll be using.

Next up was to get some more work done on the fuel system. I have to manufacture every hose and hard line as I’m doing something different from stock. Surprised? Didn’t think so. I mounted the fuel filter under the passenger seat for easy access (maintenance). It was also the only place I could find that had a large enough flat and strong surface to handle the mounts.  I tucked in as tight as I could to the frame rail for protection. Then made a stainless 3/8 fuel hose to run from the fuel pickup to the filter. These hoses take some time to make and every one has to be pressure tested before I can install it.

Also installed the larger fuel tank vent (seen in the pic above) and routed the hose for that. [edit: Realized after posting that I had the fuel pressure hose to the filter attached to the wrong port on the fuel pickup… I had attached to the return.  All fixed now…]

That’s about it for today in the shop. Got on the computer and ordered my fuel and brake lines, a bunch of aircraft Adel clamps for the fuel and vent hoses and some tools to make my own brake and fuel lines.

Still waiting for those aluminum panels to get powder coated… that is holding me up so much…