Worked on the Boss all weekend. Got the rear splash panels all installed (4 of em) and wheel wells totally undercoated, 2 coats.

Worked a lot on the rear bumpers. I knew these would be a challenge. Here’s what I ended up with.

I had 2 threaded rods that screw into welded nuts inside the bumper. Access to the other ends of these rods are very limited, and the lower, you cant even get a wrench on it.

If you think about it, its a real head scratcher. How do you mount them when all you have are 2 holes, and the access is really bad?

I decided to install the top bolt, the one with good access since I put in a much larger fuel pump access panel. It would have its threaded rod, aluminum tube cover and nylon bushings all installed. I just adjusted the length so it came through the chassis by about 1/2″

Top of the fuel tank, looking aft at the passengers upper rear bumper mount.

So I was able to loosely assemble this part. Now I had the bottom. I installed a short 3/8″ bolt with a coupling nut. This made for a female thread for the lower mount to slip into. As I slid it into place, I installed 2 nuts with their washers. I screwed the rod in as far as it would go.

Then with the bumper in place, I reversed the rod, screwing it out of the coupling nut and into the bumper. It only required about 1/2″ to bottom out, and the coupling nut had something like 1.5 “. When it was bottomed out, I spearated the nuts and used them to loke the rod into the coupling nut and to lock the aluminum tube up against the bumper.

I think it looks pretty good. Tomorrow, I’ll do the left side.