Got a few things done and a few more pics.

I’m waiting on a backordered exhaust part, but I gotta keep moving, even if it means coming back and redoing.

I have installed the passenger sidepipe with a .25″ wedge (this angled wedge moves the final placement of the exhaust tip for alignment). Looks perfect. Nice testament to the Gas-N exhaust products… Headers, sidepipes and very little adjustment needed.

Got the front splashguards installed and installed / torqued the front wheels. When I get the backordered .25″ wedge for the drivers side, I’ll have to disassemble and work that.

Onward…. You see the back end is now on jackstands and the rear wheels are off. Not too much to do back here except fit, and install the rear splash guards (2 per wheelwell… I have front pieces made by Whitby’s). I am going to undercoat the entire wheelwell once everything is installed… a little different from the fronts.

Had some fun with the sunvisors. To keep it short, did a modified mounting by using square nuts in the frame channel instead of screws into the frame. Made my own correct length #6 screws and it all went together beautifully.

ACE 3/8″ long screws, my .250″ long screws and the F5 3mm frame mount screws.
Depth check of my modified screws. You can see the reflection of the tip.. it is NOT touching.
Final assembly.
Final product. Visors, Windwings and Breeze mirrors. Lot of stuff hanging off the windshield… but nothing is anywhere near touching the glass.

Tomorrow, lots more work in the rear wheel wells. Still looking to go legal Oct 8.

Thanks for reading….