Deleting and updating

I’ve deleted my last 3 entries to this blog. They were all about getting the car painted, being excited, wanting to see my car.

Here’s the gist of it. I dropped off the body of The Boss in Feb of 2018. They told me it would take 6-9 months. I left them alone for 9 months.

After 9 months, I started calling and emailing with no response. Finally, in Feb 2019, I got a call that my body was coming into the shop. My guess is that this means it had been sitting outside for the last year with zero work done on it.

In April 2019, I took the gocart down because I was on vacation. They have been hired to do the bodywork and paint, but also to mount the body on the chassis and mount the windshield. They were also hired to drill the passenger roll bar holes and a defroster hole in the dash. I was told at that time, it would be done in 4-6 weeks. I saw the car, body work was being done. It was still in red gel-coat, no primer. They were block sanding, trimming and setting gaps.

I know it’s mine… piece of tape on the fender had my name on it. End of April, 2019.

Middle of May, I reached out to see how it was going. They said it was in 1st primer and was outside ‘gassing out’ in the sunshine. Said it will sit outside for about a week, come back in, get block sanded and re-primered, then outside for another week, then blocked once more, then ready for paint. I figured Yes Haw, 2 weeks to paint. There was no further contact until June 11 when they said they were still 2 weeks from painting any color.

On June 20, this shop posted a pic on their FB page that looked like my car. Same base color, same stripe layout. I asked several times if that was my car. Never got a response. I wanted to believe it was, but it was earlier than they said and NOTHING has happened earlier than planned, much less on time.

Several unanswered emails later, I finally asked if it would be ready for my next vacation, last week of July. Answered back on July 5 that that was the plan, and that the car was going to be “trimmed out” next week (July 8-12). I asked on July 10 what “trimming out” means… I thought it was installing trim… Door and hood handles, seals, bumpers, etc. No. It means painting the inside of the panels such as doors, hood, trunk, which is done before painting the outside of the body.

So my car still does not have paint on it. They hope to deliver in about 2.5 weeks.

I deleted 3 posts about all this because I counted my eggs before hatching.

I’ll publish back in a few weeks and let ya know what’s going on or if they send me any pictures. I don’t really believe it will be done on time.

Thanks for sticking with me.