Still working…

Have been using some of this time to fix or change a few things, like the lights I recently posted.

I never really liked how I did the heated seats. I had placed the heaters between the foam and frame, with a layer of insulation between the heater and frame. When trying them, I found they did not get very warm, and my thought is that the heater was heating the frame more than the person due to the thick seat foam and that the heater was much closer (actually glued to) the thin insulation and the seat frame.

So… I tore em apart! At first I was removing the entire cushion, but it’s glued in pretty well. So I decided to mark the heater positions and then carefully cut the foam out with a very sharp blade. Very careful not to cut the seat cover. These things aint cheap.

One seat, all the pieces. Note the insulation I glued to the frame to help the heaters…

I then used some 3M 77 spray glue and glued the heaters into the seats. This is as close as I can get them to the person.

Heaters installed

Proceeded to glue the foam back into place. I used some tapes to help hold them in place while the glue dried.

Heaters covered by re-installed original foam

On the second seat, I cut all the space needed for the heaters, not removing any more than I had to. With this seat, I used some very strong double sided cloth carpet tape. I taped the heaters into place, then taped the foam back into place.

double sided carpet tape for these heaters

I got everything back together, sat in each seat to make sure there was no lumpy foam or a heater had folded underneath. Felt very good and exactly how I want to feel in the Boss. Comfy but secure.

Now its just 2 seats, ready to keep their riders warm, but still looking for a home…