More details

Never really liked the way the trunk carpet was laying around the drop box I installed. I had to install the carpet in a lot of little pieces, and some of the overlaps weren’t staying down. Decided to do some trim work around the edges to clean it up and add some definition. Started with some 1/2×1 aluminum angle, cut to length, trimmed and notched then painted black. Installed with some 1/8″ rivets. I’ll touch those up with some black in a little while.

Got back to the roll bars. Received my tubing sander earlier this week, but couldn’t get started until this weekend because of some work travel. This sander came with lots of sanding belts… grits from 60 to 800. I didnt want to start too rough and make more work for myself, so I started with the 160 grit. Difficult to find a way to secure the roll bar without scratching it up, but came up with a wood clamp that seems to work OK. Spent about 10 minutes with the sander and 160 grit, and this is going to work. Yay!!

Original roll bar finish
Few passes with 160 grit. You can see some of the deeper scratches from the 40 and 80 grit sanding earlier with the disc sander. Those will come out.
In this picture, you can see the original finish on the lower left, some of the results of disc sanding on the top section, and the 160 grit tube sander on the right. This is just a few passes with the tube sander and I am excited that I finally have a system thats going to work.

Thanks for still following and I’ll be posting more soon…