Back to it…

Been out of town for a while, and now the weather is finally getting nice, so it’s back to work! Havent done anything in nearly a month…

Removed the center console cover to cover it in 1/8″ foam and my grey leather, just like the dash and the switch panel. Cut out the holes for the shifter, parking brake and seat heater switches. The notch at the front is for the wire harness that comes out of the dash and goes to the back of the car.

Next I installed the brackets that mount the switch panel and the seat heat switches. Used a 14mm socket to press down on those switches nice n hard to click them into place.

Decided to go a little cleaner on this item than the dash and the switch panel… decided to use heavy duty velcro rather than exposed screws. I think this stuff will hold… its not a very structural item.

Not a bad looking interior for a first-time builder with not much imagination.

Began test fitting the carpet. All the pieces fit very nicely. After this pic, I removed all the carpet and spray painted black wherever the carpet pieces meet and I didnt want any shiny silver showing through. I also went around with a silicone caulk gun and closed up any holes I could find.

I think its gonna look pretty cool.


Tomorrow… I glue!!

Few things have happened

I have fixed a small coolant leak at the heater select valve, and replaced the power steering pump with a unit that is setup and dyno’d for flow and pressure to match the Fox Mustang steering rack. Also has a reservoir mounted right to the side of the pump for excellent fluid supply.



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