Started today by removing he side vents that I glued in yesterday. The mount studs took to the adhesive very, very well. Hopefully it lasts.

Cleaned up the vents, a little sanding, some wax & grease remover and 2 wet coats of primer later…

Tomorrow they get color, then Saturday clear coat.

Finished up the carpet on the passenger side, under the door. There’s 2 pieces that go in here, and they lend a nice, finished look. Something you’d never notice, but hoo boy you’d see if it it wasn’t there. Received my new Kirkey seats today, but just 1 cover… 1 is back-ordered. Installed one of my Herbs Door Panels custom panels, made with my leather to match everything else. Does this look inviting enough to go for a ride?

One thing I need that I need to work on is cupholders. I’d like to have a retractable that stows under the dash.

Tomorrow, some color on the vents and work on finishing the drivers side interior.