More changes…

Remember those Tangent Lights I got for cheap, but they were kinda fogged? A builder on the F5 forum found some replacement lights (Blazer UW3682) that looked like they would work, and they were only $20 on ebay. Worth a shot, and they showed up today.

Old vs new

Except for a very few small items, they are exactly the same. So far I’m in $70 for a $250 set of lights.

Since I had LEDs in my old lights, I removed the lights from the bracket and removed the LEDs. After tearing all the lights down, there was onr tiny thing I could see different between them… The clip that holds the fog light lamp in place was made with a different bend. This is a tiny difference that makes no difference.

Old pieces
New pieces

I also stripped the new lights and removed it’s bulbs. I decided to partially assemble and compare the blue lights. When I installed the blue LEDs, they were very tight in the housing opening. My thinking was that it might pull the bulb out of the housing upon removal and leave the LED in the housing. A little bit of work with a 31/64 drill bit fixed that right up. This comparison was an eye-opener

Blue LED vs blue W194

Reassembled all the parts and put the old lights in the Spares Box, just in case I need them or some parts in the future. I’ll get the wiring done tomorrow morning and post a pic of the LEDs in the new housings with nice clear lenses.