Lucky strike!

Part of my plan has always been to install Tangent’s driving / fog light kit, which installs in the oil cooler scoop.

Obviously not my car, but the paint is pretty close to what will be…

An oil cooler is really not needed with todays oils on the street, even with some occasional racing. When I last contacted Tangent, they said the lights were no longer available, but they were looking at some new lights and showed me a pic. I didnt like them. Way too small and alien looking.

So I started looking around and thinking about what I would do with the cooler scoop. Cant just leave it empty, as anyone who looks can see right through to the ground.

I recently found some lights that I thought may work… Hella FF50’s.

Although they dont have the 5 watt running light of the original Tangent lights, and a plastic housing now vs the metal… I thought it would work.

I contacted Tangent once again and asked if they would sell a kit with no lights… and he responded that yes, he would, OR he would sell me the prototype kit with the original lights, although they may now be a bit hazy. He made me an offer I couldnt refuse… so I have what may be the first and last set of Tangent lights available on their way to me.

And if the original lights dont appear or function good enough, I can still try to fit the Hellas and of course upgrade to LED’s.