Gettin her square…

Been working on getting her squared up and setting ride height. Going pretty well until setting the shocks on the front. To make the frame tubes even off the ground, the front right shock is screwed down 2.5″ with the front left being at 3.375″. Everything is assembled correctly, points are greased, nothing is binding… I’m at a bit of a loss. The shocks really need to be even so they are placing even weight on each corner.

I’ve reached out to the Factory Five Forum to see what the pros say. I hope to get this settled by tomorrow.

Few things have happened

I have fixed a small coolant leak at the heater select valve, and replaced the power steering pump with a unit that is setup and dyno’d for flow and pressure to match the Fox Mustang steering rack. Also has a reservoir mounted right to the side of the pump for excellent fluid supply.



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