Road Trip!!

Tomorrow, I leave with the Boss body, hood, trunk and doors for Whitby Motorcars in Greensboro, NC.  If you click on the Customers button, there’s about 5 pages of cars that they’ve done in many different stages. They will go from the simplest small job to body work, paint & return to complete builds of Factory 5’s.

Whitby’s is going to have the body for a while. If they send me pics, I will certainly post them up here. In the meantime, say bye-bye….

Uber thanks to my old friend Bo for helping me get the body buck and the body into the trailer, and to another awesome friend Chip for the loan of the trailer. I couldn’t do this without you guys.

[edit]: So yes, I’m farming out the bodywork and paint. I’m a very good mechanic, but that doesn’t mean I can do anything. I know my limitations, Without the knowledge and experience, there’s no way I would have the patience to do this work. I’ve been told these bodies need at least 80 hours of work to be ready for paint, and I would end up with something crooked with lots of fisheyes and sanding marks. I know when to pay the pros. 😉