I am on vacation later in January, so im taking the opportunity to move the Boss 427 body, doors, trunk lid, hood and hood scoop down to Whitby’s Motorcars down in Greensboro, NC. They are a premier Factory 5 body and paint facility. They also provide any level of assembly or finishing that you need. I will be getting all body work and paint done by them. I know it takes a lot of work, and I don’t have the patience nor the skill or experience for the level that I want on this car. A man has to know his limitations…

To prep for taking the body down south, I need to do a few things, one of which is to premount the exterior lights. I started with the headlights.

Time for more mods, right? Since the car is going complete LED lighting, I chose Watson’s Streetworx 7″ LED headlight system. This will replace the sealed beam halogen as supplied by Factory 5.

As I was putting these together, I was confounded by these little clips that hold the lamp to the adjustment ring. I assembled it as it should be with the screws and clips secure but not clamped down.

Next day when I got up, 2 of the clips had broken. Just from sitting overnight on the table. Can’t imagine what would have happened when installed in a rumpity rump car.

Since the LED kit uses a lens housing and a replaceable H4 style lamp, after much thinking and posting on the forum, I decided to glue / seal the lens housing to the adjustment ring. I would then make some small tabs out of aluminum and use standard #6 hardware to attach it all together.


Another item is that my new LEDs have 3 parts, all hardwired together. The LED unit, an LED driver and a plug. My plan was to mount the driver outside the bucket for cooling, but I’d have to drill about a 2″ hole to fit it through the bucket. Instead, I cut a slit from the lip of the bucket to where I drilled a 1/2″ hole for the wore and grommet. This way I was able to slip the wire through the slit, work the grommet into place and secure the slit. Now the lamp is inside while the driver is outside.

I will post up some.more pics when the units are assembled and on the car.