Engine & Transmission Assembly

By Bwana

Hey Everyone,

I came up from Asheville for a long weekend to work with Boyd on The Boss. We spent two days of full-on work. Saturday was spent assembling the transmission to the engine and all that that entails.

A healthy flywheel mounts to the end of the engine crankshaft, then there’s a clutch, pressure plate, bell housing, assorted clutch actuators, then the transmission.

Boss 427 Clutch
Pressure Plate (not yet installed)

One item held us up significantly: three small pins that align the pressure plate to the flywheel. We did not have these and could not go any further without them. Luckily, we found them at a local Ford dealer. We had to wait several hours, but the dealer came through and we got back to work.

This little pin (three total) cost us a few hours

The tough bell housing is installed, ready for the transmission
Boss 427 Engine & Transmission Assembly