Starting to build!

Big day for the Boss 427 as she starts to get her parts bolted on. Today I installed the rear axle and suspension. I upgraded to spherical bearing, solid rod-end lower control arms for something more solid and adjustable.

(info overload alert) This is a 3 link rear suspension. It uses all solid rod-end connections and a coil-over-shock suspension. ┬áVery adjustable and very solid. The rear axle is from Moser. I’m running a 3.54:1 gear, which will work great with the torque of the 427W and the .62OD TKO600 transmission.

Also managed to get the steering rack installed. This is a brand new power steering rack, which I will need for the large front tires I’ll be running. The centering of the rack came out perfect, no adjustments needed.

Headed out Sunday am to meet the Capital Area Cobra Club for breakfast, then will be back in the garage. Thanks for staying with me for updates.