The fun begins…

Its been a very long time coming. I’ve been following and watching Factory 5 for years.

Factory 5 (F5) started as a company that makes kit cars.  They made a Cobra replica that used many parts from a 87-93 Ford Mustang. This was very successful and made for an affordable, cool, fast car that could be built in your own garage.

Fast forward and F5 has grown. They now offer 5 models of cars and you can build them as originally designed, with a donor, or as a complete car that uses no donor parts.

I’ve been planning this for a long, long time. In August of 2014, I joined 2 forums dedicated to F5 cars.  That December, I begin building my spreadsheet where I was planning my car.

Today, Feb 1, 2017, I ordered my car. I ordered a complete Roadster (no donor).  I plan on many upgrades and plan on using only the highest quality new parts.  I expected it to take 4-5 weeks for F5 to put together my kit… I got an email 10 minutes after ordering that it would ready in 10 days, on Feb 11.